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Packed Full With Features gives you the most powerful ways to handle your parked domains.

Easy Parking

Whether you choose to park one domain or one thousand domains it takes seconds to do. Simply choose the template you would like to apply to domains you are parking, click a button, and that's it. A default parking template is provided but you can create as many of your own as you want to tailor your domains. Choose from a variety of high quality pictures for your background or supply your own - the choice and customisation is yours. If you only want to use the statistics available you can immediately redirect any domain you park to a url of your choosing. Example sites: |

Catch Every Visit

Some parking places claim to capture all traffic but that is not always the case. At we capture EVERY visitor. Whether they try to visit a page that doesn't exist or a subdomain that doesn't exist we catch the lot and send them to your landing page. No visitor is missed. To see this in action visit any non-existent subdomain or page such as't_here/either

Powerful Statistics

Every visit to your site is recorded and you can access statistics. This is commonplace nowadays however we go one step further. Not only do we determine if a visitor is a searchbot but we also crosscheck them live to find out if they are known spammers, scammers, hackers, automated scrapers etc. This allows you to see how many people really visited your domain as well as how many in total. We also provide info about when they came, where from, what they were looking for, etc

Your Own Storage Space

You can store up to 50Mb of images, style sheets, or even javascript files in your own personal area. These files can be used across your domains and templates and give you the power to really produce some amazing one page landers, minisites, affiliate sites, or whatever you wish to use your parking for. This affiliate site at is an example of just how powerful pages can be with your own storage.

Create Your Own Templates

You can create impressive templates to be used with as many of your domains as you wish. With our substitution strings you can use one template for multiple sites but reference things specific to the domain itself. Switching the template a domain uses is as easy as choosing an option in a drop down list. The site automatically and instantly updates to show what you want.

Quick and Easy Editing

From an overview of all your domains you can quickly and easily change pictures for the domains, alter templates, change meta tags, contact details etc. You can further edit specific domains to alter how they display, robots etc. Every aspect of your domain landing is under your control.

Custom robots.txt

Every domain serves a default robots.txt file when requested (usually by search engines). This can be customised for every domain you park and can be tailored for that specific domain. You may want some sites indexed, some not, and some only open to some engines - all editable with our system.

Portfolio Monitoring

Every day all domains parked on our system are checked to be pointing correctly at our server. If this changes and a domain is still listed here but not parked you receive an email informing you of the domain and the automatic removal date from our system. This is a handy way to keep track of domains that haven't been renewed at your registrars as their changes will trigger an email from us.

Free Accounts

Anybody can use our full system for free. Signing up gives you 0.5Mb of storage and parking for up to 2 domains. This is suitable for most people. However for a low monthly price of only £2.75 this can be upgraded to 50Mb of storage space and up to 2000 domains! A low-cost, simple way to tailor and sell your portfolio.

Plans and Pricing

It's simple and cheap at Everyone can have a free account - just sign up and get started. For only £2.75 per month increase your storage space to 50Mb and park up to 2000 domains.



Per month

  • Up to 2 Parked Domains
  • Up to 0.5Mb File Storage
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Per month

  • Up to 2,000 Parked Domains
  • Up to 50Mb File Storage
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In Case You Were Wondering

This entire page is a one page javascript template (elevate) tailored and parked using our system. It's never been easier to create your own landing pages, minisites, affiliate sites, lead generators.